A Space Between: Margate Photo Fest 2011

Folarin Shasanya, Sabelo Mlangeni and François-Xavier Gbré.
Folarin Shasanya, Affiliation with History, Courtesy of the artist.

13th– 14th August 2011

A Space Between brings together three photographers, Folarin Shasanya, Sabelo Mlangeni and François-Xavier Gbré whose practice touches upon the nature of liminality.

The very nature of liminality is transitory and could be described as a moment of time, a physical or mental state. This exhibition refers to a threshold, the point at which one phase bleeds into another, or one state becomes another. Each photographer has explored the possibility of visualising the space of liminality through the medium of photography.

A Space Between resonates with the nature of Margate’s own transition, at a time when the town appears to be on the brink of change.

 co-curated with Sepake Angiama